Why a middle aged man writing about himself, writing about his lifestyle, about his swimming or about other people life style?

I think many people are living in a box , they can’t talk with their neighbours or better they don’t want to talk with other people who live close to them.
That’s why we keep a blog or we are often connected on facebook or other social network.

Do you find any mistakes in my english ? In this case don’t hesitate : post a comment! I need a feedback.


Una Risposta to “About”

  1. luca Says:

    seguo le tue riflessioni da tempo in quanto nuotatore (A master) da quest’anno.
    Anch’io ho fatto ricerche sul total immersion e varie altre.
    Ho guardato i miei parametri sul tuo golf e siamo molto vicini (80).

    Grazie per il lavoro che svolgi.


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